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Road Tax Flipper

The UK’s Number 1 Road Tax Reminder

Don’t get caught out forgetting to road tax your vehicle with the new UK Road Tax Flipper tool

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Road Tax Flipper

It’s so flippin’ easy!

Never forget when your road tax runs out. Prevent getting clamped for having no road tax. Easy to use, just flip to the month of expiry. Lasts for years.

  • Easy to use
  • Perpetual – lasts for years
  • No sticky mess from adhesive
  • Can sit neatly on dashboard
  • Avoid getting picked up on police ANPR cameras or clamped
  • Included with magnetic holder
  • Can use as a fridge magnet

This handy and compact 13 page Road Tax Flipper is similar to a flip calendar. It’s an excellent road tax reminder tool and it comes in its own holder.

Sticking this car tax reminder flipper to your dashboard is absolutely no problem at all as on the back it comes equipped with a self adhesive magnetic strip.

More than just a handy road tax reminder, it can also be used to remind vehicle owners about other important dates, such as the date of their next MOT.

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old style tax disk

Does your reminder look like this?

Road Tax Flipper

If so, you need the Road Tax Flipper tool

How to Use

Step One


Affix the magnetic strip to suitable area on dashboard

Step Two


Flip to month of expiry and place into holder

Step Three


Place the Road Tax Flipper on dashboard

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